Office of Taxpayer Advocacy

The Taxpayer Advocacy Department has been established within Avenu to provide relief for taxpayers, to identify problems with the systems & procedures that are in place, and to propose suggestions for improving procedures.  The Taxpayer Advocacy Department at Avenu is designed to assist taxpayers in resolving issues when they believe that any employee of Avenu is failing to adhere to proper procedures.

Legitimate taxpayer complaints can be caused by a variety of reasons: lack of tax knowledge, confusing or incorrect instructions or actions, or lack of timely responses.  The Taxpayer Advocacy Department will provide an independent presence to help taxpayers resolve such issues and prevent future occurrences of the same.

The objective of the Avenu taxpayer advocate is to ensure that impartial and uniform procedures for treatment of taxpayers are properly carried out by Avenu on behalf of local governments.

Please contact Avenu if you have questions regarding the Office of Taxpayer Advocacy.