Tax and License Discovery & Recovery

The identification and recuperation of escaped tax and license revenue can be challenging for local governments. The last thing you want to happen is to have your tax base decrease. Avenu Insights & Analytics offers a proven Tax and License Discovery & Recovery system that identifies businesses operating in your jurisdiction without proper licensing or without remitting appropriate taxes.

With the help of advanced analytics and business intelligence tools, we can determine patterns indicative of potential non-compliance. Our Discovery & Recovery system has resulted in the recovery of more than $36 million and nearly 195 thousand escaped licenses for our clients, plus the prevention of more in potential tax revenue loss. This revenue helps you meet budget, deliver public services, and better serve your citizens.

After the completion of the project, we provide your jurisdiction with an updated database allowing you to benefit from the full amount of future tax and license revenue. We receive only a percentage of the delinquent tax and license revenue recovered as a direct result of our services. Typically, there are no upfront costs for this purely “results-based” service.

Steps to Discovering & Recovering Revenue You Never Even Knew You Had

  • Identify, notify, and recover taxes and licenses from non-compliant businesses
  • Perform data comparison of known taxpayers to identify additional businesses not on your tax rolls
  • Recover eligible back taxes and licenses on behalf of your jurisdiction
  • Provide detailed reporting to you for more timely decision making and appropriate audit planning
  • Performance-based fee structure dependent on amount recovered

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