Let Avenu Help with Your Tax Administration  (Case Study)

Let Avenu Reduce Your Tax Burden
Our Revenue Administration service can take much of the burden of data entry, billing, application and claims processing, funds distribution, compliance, and taxpayer support service off of you, while streamlining the processes and maintaining the highest degree of accuracy.

  • New Client Set-Up
  • Taxpayer Registration
  • Taxpayer Notification
  • Form/Payment Processing
  • Reconcile Returns and Initiate Compliance Efforts
  • Detailed Reporting

Avenu performs revenue administration in the following areas:

  • Sales/Use tax
  • Insurance Premium tax
  • Alcohol tax
  • Gas tax
  • Hotel/motel tax (lodging)
  • Rental/lease tax
  • Tobacco tax
  • Severance tax
  • Other taxes specific to your jurisdiction

Avenu provides comprehensive tax administration services that reduce the processing burden on state and local governments.

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